Giving your Resolutions and Aspirations for 2014 a Chance.

You might be still on holidays, surrounded by positive and loving people, but this is still worth a read for you.

If you started work this week, you are probably jaded enough to realise that there are many forces conspiring against you putting into action any intentions or aspirations you came up over the  holidays.
You see, this year really does need your full attention to turn it into something special and distinct from the usual, 'Same old, same old'.  You know, just like 2013 was and how every year was.  Negative thinking and despair are all around you.
That's why I'm writing this blog post for you.
You know how easy it is to forget New Year's Resolutions and good intentions.  You bravely announce it, then reality, your old patterns, your environment, the people around you and general resistance wear them down.
That's why, in the coaching process, we layer systems of support, to give you better odds of succeeding in what you want to be and do and have.
One of these systems I'd like to share with you today is called "Dynamic Tension"
You will find below, some background and instructions to help you take your resolutions, intentions and goals to the next level, toward implementation and integration.

In his book: ‘The Path of Least Resistance’, Robert Fritz shared that: “If you can simultaneously vividly imagine your present situation and your desired situation, then you create a tension, that draws you inexplicably toward your desired situation in your thoughts, words and actions”.   
Applying this technique to your goals, gives you access to a psychological support to maintain your actions and focus for achieving any goal that you can conceive. 
That’s why you write your baseline and vision and that’s also why you review your vision as often as possible.  This process and practice really works.

Write your goal using SMART. Then write a description of where you are at in regards to your goal – your resources, your limitations and constraints. This is called your 'Baseline' 
Then write your inspiring vision from the point of view that you have already achieved it and  you are looking back, celebrating it and reflecting upon how you got there and what you have actually achieved.  This needs to be written in present tense, as if it’s already happened. 
It also needs to be written using vivid emotional language to describe your positive feelings of achievement of these goals.  

 Good luck with this.  If you get stuck with anything, give me a call.




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