Be Indespensible to the Right Employer in the Right Pond.

In the employment rat race, I've considered myself aged disadvantaged ever since I entered the workforce.

You start looking for a job and you are considered too young and too inexperienced and very few will give you that opportunity to get the experience.

In the stock exchange, they have these 17 & 18 year old hotshots who are placing the bets on the floor.  By the time they are 21 they are considered aged disadvantaged because they suddenly realise what they are doing and they stop taking the risks needed to secure a return.

I studied hard, on how to get a job interview and then practiced going to interviews, mostly for jobs that I didn't even want, I just wanted the practice.

I felt at age 30, confident enough to get any job that I wanted.  However, even at thirty, there are jobs for which you are aged disadvantaged or more politely and legally; "Over-qualified".

Most of my working life, I have worked as a consultant or a small business owner.  I've had more businesses than jobs...and I'm proud of that.

However, a good friend of mine just recently was employed and he was blown away that for a change, his experience and age were considered assets.

If you are looking for a job - a good job, then these are the types of companies you need to search out and start approaching them for a job.

For every one of those employers, there's twenty you are totally wasting your time asking for a job.

Build relationships, contribute, read Seth Godin's Linchpin and get out there and market yourself in the right pond.

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