Support and Guidance

In a conversation with a very experienced coach the other night, I noticed he'd received an acknowledgement for his fathering skills.

It went like this:

"You don't try and be your kid's friend.  You simply support and guide them."

Something went clunk for me and I could see clearly that he was being a coach for his kids.

For years I've been coaching coaches and whenever they have goals regarding their parenting, I have always encouraged them to be a coach rather than a parent.

What that involves is stepping aside from:
  • Your expectations you want your kids to live out for you
  • Your fantasies you want your kids to live out for you
  • Your determination to bring your kids up different to how you were brought up
The results of doing this usually is:
  • You see what your kid really wants and is interested in
  • You see parts of your kid that were blinded by your expectations, fantasies and rebellion.
  • You are able to support and guide, instead of browbeat and proselytize
  • You stop trying to "rescue" your kids
The results are so palpable and freeing. I have witnessed some profound transformations of relationships with this approach.

The funny thing is, I realise that this way of being, of supporting and guiding, has infiltrated my whole life and way of doing things.  I'd never noticed that.

That's how I relate to my son, my wife, my sister and my nephews. 

That's a nice thing to realise.

When philosophy and technique becomes part of you.

How's it going for you?

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