How do you Turn your To-Do List into a Bucket List?

The main difference between the two lists is inspiration.

When you create a bucket list, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die.
It’s a list of the extraordinary,
the things you really, really want to get around to doing
…..before you die.
It’s got the drive that a sense of mortality engenders,
the excitement that comes from going beyond the ordinary,
and the sense of immediacy and urgency that you just might not complete your bucket list...

.....if you don’t get a wiggle on.
In comparison, a To-do list is simply a list,

oftentimes not linked with the inspiration that the bigger goal holds,

disconnected from it’s meaning, separated from it’s profound context, 

disembodied, unglued, detached, estranged, removed and split

from our inspiration, our motivation and the meaning that action holds for us,

the contents of our To-do lists rely on our discipline,

self-control and determination to put them into action.
Separated from the rocket fuel of our inspiration,

we rely on our brute strength and ignorance to strive toward our goals. 

That’s why your To-do list sometimes feels like hard work.
So how do you link your To-do list with your rocket fuel?
A daily to-do list I used to admire always had a space,

in which, every day, you would write your current goals, your purpose and your eight highest values.
Every day, you would link your To-do list

with your higher purposes and motivations

with this kinetic & cathartic ceremony.

That’s one way how you can turn your to-do list into a bucket list.
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