Dirty little Secret: Why we break our Integrity

 As Nelson Mandela said: "It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

When you maintain your integrity, (that is, you keep your word, you take care of yourself and your responsibilities, you operate within your values, you show up on time and you honor yourself), you feel good.  You like yourself.  You are powerful.  Your word is law in the universe.  You are the ruler of your kingdom.

When you let your integrity slip, even just a little, you stop feeling good and liking yourself. You feel powerless.  Your word has not impact and cannot be trusted.  You are the servant in someone else's kingdom.

And we mostly seem comfortable playing small, not feeling good or liking ourselves, living in our darkness, being a victim in an environment where our choices appear limited.

That's our dirty little secret.

And if you have been working hard on being on time for your appointments and you find that you unconsciously sabotage yourself so that being on time is really, really hard to do, then you might just have a vested interest in playing small.

You might just be scared of your own power.

You see, Nelson Mandela was a human being just like you and me.

He chose, every day, to live into his integrity, his higher self, his vision and his purpose.

What's your choice?

What are you creating? 

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