What's your relationship to reading?

Well, I'll share min with you - I love it!

Always have.

And I particularly love books that inspire me to devour them.

They feed me with inspiration, open new possiblities,

educate me and take me right across to different points of view,

so I look through another's eyes.

My wife Rosie is like that too.

But she hasn't always been like that.

She would get bored whenever she started to read.

I asked her about it one day and found out that her style of reading,

was to read one word at a time.

Speed reading teaches that this is a common problem.

People who read word by word, have their minds racing ahead,

bored and restless.

Our minds actually have the capacity to absorb meaning much much quicker

than we usually trust.

If you ever get a chance to do a speed reading course,

take it on.

It's all about trusting yourself.

The part of yourself that you don't know anything about.

It's a really great thing to do.

Just like the coaching process,

It reveals a greater you to your conscious self.

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