Using the process of writing your Baseline....and your Vision

You know, this process really works.

I mean really!

When you write a Baseline ( a description of your current circumstances, resources and talents in specific area ) your baseline in that area automatically improves and shifts forward.  

Coaches and business owners know about the strange phenomena of how, by simply measuring anything, improves it's efficacy and performance.

Raising your awareness about any area of your projects has this effect.  The measurement is simply the means to raise your awareness.

(I once spoke to an audience explaining this process and a microbiologist stood up who told me that microorganisms change their behavior when they know you are looking in the microscope - go figure!)

So when you write your Baseline, there always is a palpable and measureable improvement.

However, when you write a Vision (of a pleasurable end result), that creates what Robert Fritz, writer of "The Path of Least Resistance", calls "Structural Tension"

Its a kind of a pull from the envisioned future state that drags you toward achieving that pleasurable end result.

I've been talking about this for years and put it into practice last week in a presentation I was giving.

I wrote my baseline: who I was, what talents and skills I had, what my approach was and what I didn't have.

Then I wrote my vision - how I would deliver, what effect I would create, what people would be saying at the end of my presentation and what doors would open out of the presentation.

I kept thinking about my vision, kept running it through my mind.

Two days later I delivered - it happend just the way I scripted it.

My delivery flowed, the process was creating the effect I wanted and I started hearing people in the room saying exactly what I'd written in my vision.  At the end of the presentation, they delivered the result I was working for.  Phenominal!

All this was achieved with a lack of push and shove - it was just focus, focus focus.

These tools really, really work.

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