The Search for the Messiah ad the Magic Bullet

Australia has just bee through an election campaign that was based mostly upon Leadership styles and issues.

And as election campaigns are about simplifying issues, it's interesting to note how they pitched it to our world weary eyes and ears.

They know we all are searching for the Messiah, to solve our problems and take away our fears.

And that we all have a long standing, but based on legend belief, that somewhere there is a magic bullet that will mysteriously make everything work just so well.

We all deep down, know it's all untrue, that we have to pull ourselves out of our problems and fears, but that's not how we run our lives.

Victor Frankl had the right idea, to build a statue to balance the Statue of Liberty with a corresponding statue on the West Coast of America.

It would be called the Statue of Responsibility.

It serves to remind us that for us to have liberty, we need to practice taking responsibility for our lives.

....We need one of them here in Australia.

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