Its all about Balance

Truth is, most of us are recovering workaholics at work.

We get rewarded for it, it's encouraged and eventually, we pay the price for it.

We become performing puppets, someone else pushing the buttons, pulling the strings.

When we inevitably burn out, it's written into the business plan that we are indeed, expendable

This happens mostly and peculiarly when it's your own business. 

Until you recover your own sense of integrity, it's time to resort to fake it until you make it at work.

You do this by creating, for every work goal, a corresponding personal goal.

This can be in the area of family, adventure, creativity, health & fitness, travel or sport.

This forces you into a state of balance, which, if you keep practicing at it, will rehabilitate your humanity, your being-ness and your ability to make decisions for your own well being.

Are you ready to turn this life of yours around?

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