Marrickville Westpac Wednesday: 'How to make Money from your Passion!'

I facilitated an amazing workshop last night at Marrickville Westpac Wednesday,  with a bunch of amazing SME business owners. 
(thanks to John Wheelan of MBand Peta Cruikshank, manager of Marrickville Westpac for actually caring about and getting out and supporting local business owners!)

...exploring what our Passion in our business is,

...what we can do that's better and different to everyone else in our market,

...and what our economic engine is....

....a la Jim Collin's Hedgehog Concept.

We had some amazing insights:

A woman who came looking for more confidence in her new business,

Clarified her Passion and then stumbled across her killer, unfair advantage over her competition.

An online business owner who shared that she couldn't stop talking about her Passion,

And realised that she is doing nothing about creating content on social media,

even though that is her biggest strength.

A Manager who distinguished and articulated her Passion, her "Best at" and her economic engine...

And who is now Consciously Competent rather than Unconsciously Competent - a huge difference!

Amazing what a difference, taking some time aside together,

and putting our attention upon some serious distinctions makes!

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