Why do we fear our Being?

After all, it’s part of who we are.
What is it about our Being that threatens us so much?

What is so scary about being the vehicle for something big, something noble, something inspiring?

One reason might be found within our differing agendas.

Our Human’s main concern is comfort and security.  We like to be accepted and loved by everyone around us.  We like to be part of our tribe.

Our Being is not at all concerned with these two things.

In fact, our Being’s concerns usually disrupts any comfort and security we might have and puts us in the way of danger, discomfort, pain, rejection, humiliation, and ignoring anything that is valued by our human.

Oftentimes our Being’s agenda is about shaking up the status quo – the way things are done around here.

Our Being is unreasonable, values driven and is totally focused on the Big Picture.

Our Being disrupts, challenges and is on the pathway of change.

Our Being stands up for it’s principles like they really mean something.

.....our human likes things to be a little bit more flexible in their lives.

That’s why our Being scares the Bejeebers out of us!

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