Transforming Your Inner Parent from automatum to "Trusted and Respected Adviser'

If your internal  Parent's Objective is to sow seeds of self doubt,

It's only because it's Purpose is to protect you.

Because it's only automatic and runs on
recordings from long ago,

It's ability to protect you only extends to what it ever did when you were a child.

Which, of course, is not appropriate for you in  the here and now.

When you begin to earn the trust of your Inner Parent, that you are capable,

...and will protect yourself, then

a new possibility of relationship opens up for you and your Inner Parent.

If you give your Inner Parent the role of 'Trusted and Respected Adviser'

...and discipline your Adult to ask your Inner Parent to review your strategy,

....and to give you warning of anything you haven't considered in that plan,

Then you have turned that part of you from a saboteur into an ally

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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