Letting People support you.

During a recent coaching session I was exploring with one of my clients how he discovered that he never let anyone support him - that he blocked it every time and wouldn't let it in.

Suddenly the door burst open ad my white faced wife gasped that our son had stopped breathing.

The session abruptly finished with my client offering his best wishes for a good outcome.

I found my self in a room where my son was breathing, only just and was in a full blown asthma attack.

There was a lady there who knew what she was talking about and she encouraged Rose to take our son into the shower.  She was all comforting words and helping Rose keep it together.

Then I grabbed my brother in law and raced off in our car to a chemist in a town that I wasn't familiar with.

He let me jabber on all the way there and back - helping me to keep functioning.

We get back, my son is calm and breathing much better, the Ventolin made the final difference.

I couldn't help ut think how amazing it was that I just demonstrated to myself, that I indeed can, let in support and that my son provides me with many opportunities to meet with people I've never ever met sometimes, who offer and give support to maintain his well being, often under pressured circumstances.

This is a tough issue, letting people support you.

...but the truth is, when it becomes life and death, I'm a real request for support.

I know that it's good for me.  It keeps me really humble

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