What you Measure, You can Manage!

I received complementary tickets to see the Mighty Canterbury Bankstown  Rugby League team, the
Bulldogs, fight it out with the Rabbitos - the strong Eastern suburbs League team.

I do a lot of reading and talking about sports coaching and it was a great opportunity to see it in action.

We were in the Canterbury compound and in prime viewing position, there was a special room for the coaches and another for the statistics staff.  They were keeping track of  the critical numbers in that statistics room and kept feeding it to the coaches next door.

It seems that Des Hasler, the Canterbury coach, has GPS equipment in the jersey of each player.

He's big on technology I'm told, but it's still the same old coaching principle at work:

"What you measure, you can manage."

This is one of the key principles in coach training and practice.  You have to measure, measure and measure consistently.

The coach is always off the field, separate from the action. but that gives them the opportunity to measure and track your progress toward your goal.  That measurement helps your coach to choose the most succinct and effective feedback for your team.

So what are the numbers do you need to measure?

What is critical for the success of your venture?

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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