Sometimes Those Closest are Working Against You.

In the Mahabarata, the ancient India epic, Arjuna is at the head of his own huge army facing a huge army charging toward him.

The divine Lord Krishna is by his side giving him counsel.

As the huge army charges toward Arjuna's own huge army,

Krishna  tells him (Roughly paraphrased):

 "Sometimes Those Closest are Working Against You.  
Sometimes you have to fight the ones you love most"

And as the front lines of the opposing army came closer, the faces of the enemy, Arjuna recognised the faces of his mother and father,

...brothers and sisters, closest friends and his wife and his children.

He yelled "Charge!!"

Who closest to you is working against you?

Are you ready to draw your sword?  

In what way do you need to defend yourself?

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