A handy guide to discretion with integrity.

If you were to be `100% transparent in your communication, there would be consequenses.

Your organisation would not trust you to be discrete with sensitive and important issues, 

You would have a reputation of being abrasive or blunt,

And many times with this style of communication, you risk political suicide.                                                                                   

The alternative is to become the "Organisational Man (or Woman)"

But if your only purpose at work was to be an organisational person,

Then your Integrity will have been sacrificed.

To lead and communicate with Integrity, you need to finese your communications.

Here's a handy checklist to guide your way through the moral minfields of business, politics, social and family life" 

A Handy Guide to Communicating Your Truth:

1. Never speak falsehood

2. Bear in mind that the act of withholding the truth is always potentially a lie, and that in each instance in which the truth is withheld, a significant moral decision is required.

3. The decision to withhold the truth should ever be based on personal needs, such as a need for power, a need to be liked or a need to protect one’s map from challenge.

4. The decision to withhold the truth must always be based entirely on the needs of the person, or people, from whom the truth is being withheld.

5. The assessment of another’s needs is an act of responsibility so complex, that it can only be executed wisely when one operates with genuine love for the other.

6. The primary factor in the assessment of another’s needs is the assessment of that person’s capacity to utilize the truth for his or her own spiritual growth. Usually, we underestimate rather that overestimate this capacity

Thanks to M. Scott Peck "The Road Less Travelled"

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