Playing your Best Big Game.

When you bring your "A" game,

When you leave the sandbox of life,

to play in the backstreet's, the suburbs or the small town of life,

or to play in the city, the big city or the National game of life.

Or are you ready to play "World Class"?

Only you can answer this.

Each game you choose to play in any one of these arenas,

Need you to bring your "A" game.

That might make you feel scared.

But there's a secret, you need to know:

Playing small is the most dangerous game in life.

Playing your "A" game in a Big Arena, requires you to play with

the Big Boys and Girls.

Playing small requires you to sit in your comfort zone,

watching re-runs of your life,

over and over and over and..............

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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