Generosity and Random Acts of Kindness

Today I saw a fruit shop with a great show of flowers outside.

I was going to visit a client in their home and I thought a flower would be good to take.

On entering the shop, I experienced a high energy atmosphere

I asked one of the smiling owners of the shop (everyone who worked there were acting like owners),

'Do you sell those big sunflowers separately?'

The man walked straight up to the bucket of flowers and said:

'I'll do better than sell you one - I'll give it to you!'

...and he hands my son this big beautiful flower.

This was turning into a magical experience,

A retail epiphany, part theater, part generosity, part spirit.

I was moved.

I asked for a bag of grapes.

Another smiling man went and hand picked the best grapes from his display and asked me how much I needed.

I was moved again.

As I paid and he gave my change, he picked out two cherries from his display and gave them to my son and I saying 'here - try these!'

I was moved and humbled, elevated and inspired.

I walked in one way and walked out a changed man.

From a fruit shop!

Do you think that this inspired me to be generous in my work today?

Damn right you are!

Where can you be generous in your work today?

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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