The Two Types of Anger in the Dark Forest

When you find yourself in the Dark Forest,

.....different rules of physics operate here.  Different foes, different challenges and different lessons for you to learn.

You have two types of anger.

The first is the sort of anger that you express, but it tires you, slows you down

It feels like an extra burden on your back, gets you nowhere fast,

Like in treacle you wade through the forest when you have this anger.

This anger is usually directed at yourself.

Its one of the many lessons you learn in the Dark Forest.

When you have this anger, you might not realise its about you,

......but you wear the weight and the consequences, feel the wounds and hopefully,

As quickly as you can, learn that self hatred and criticism is a bum deal,

....and you let it go, learning your lesson well.  It might not get you out of the forest, but letting that little process go, helps you deal with the reason you are in the Dark Forest lesson at hand.

The second type of anger is a fiery energy that if directed properly, can help you get out of the forest.

This anger is the outrage you feel when something is unfair, unjust and plain outright wrong.

You'll find that this anger is either directed at an individual, an institution, a law or a direction that your society or government is heading.

 This anger, if not properly directed, can turn on you as well, but if you aim it fairly and squarely, feed it daily and build & work a strategy around it - it will pull you out of the forest.

It's an old prisoner technique.  Viktor Frankl wrote about it in "Man's Search for Meaning", my Dad practiced it as a POW in Germany, Nelson Mandela gave a master class in this at Robben Island, emerging as the President of South Africa and then transforming the anger into forgiveness and compassion.

On reflection, that's what my dad did to the Germans too after he escaped.

A powerful tool when all around is dark and you appear hopeless.

Makes me think of that Winstone Churchill quote:

"If you find yourself in Hell, keep going!"

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