The Emperor has no clothes - a new ending and a new beginning:

....and the Stranger said:   
"Why, the Emperor has no clothes!"

The court was full of people, but they went silent so fast, that it was deafening.

The Emperor stood up, shaking with fury.

People were shrinking back in fear, the Stranger had no idea what he'd unleashed.

The Emperor looked down at his naked body, staring at his birthday suit.

Nobody said a word.

He looked up and beckoned to his man-in-waiting:  
"Ralph - go and get me my royal dressing gown!"

Then he addressed his court:

"Okay Everyone, listen to me." he announced.  "This time is over.  I can see the Truth now.

I had no clothes.  I was pretending to believe in a lie. But now I can see clearly.

And the reason I was listening to the lie, the reason I was buying into it, was that I had no answer to my problems.

I didn't know what to do about the Royal money problems, the affairs of the state and what to do about all the sabre rattling neighbors of our fine country.

I bought this lie because I was overwhelmed, I needed time to take it all in.

So I listened to my expert and I trusted her for this while, but now my time of reflection and retreat is over, I am back in charge of my kingdom and my life and my choices.  I'm strong enough to take it all back.

Thank you o stranger for simply telling the truth, that I might once again, take responsibility and reign over my land."

The Emperor had emerged from his dark forest, Snow Whites carriage turned back into a pumpkin and Sleeping Beauty had been awoken from her sleep.

The power to apprehend reality with their minds and make powerful choices based on personal power had returned.

That's how it works folks.

See it how it is, tell it how it is and then make a new choice for how you really want it to be - Simple!

We go to sleep at the wheel sometimes and rely on other

people's theories and ways of doing things.

Wake up from whatever you are sleeping through.

Admit where you are giving away your power. 

That truth will always allow you to stand on a platform that gives you freedom and choice.

........Enjoy yourself Emperor!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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