The Cost and Tragedy of choosing to "Perform" to please our parents.

Studies done in three professions:

Medicine, Law and Accountancy,

show that large numbers of young people choose 

 one of these professions due to parental pressure.

At a young age, they decided that the best way

to survive is to "perform" for their parents.

So they give their parents what they think their parents want.

Funny thing the studies show:

That Medicine is full of musicians and stage performers (Think Hospital Variety Show)

That Law is full of dramatic Shakespearean orators and rebels without a cause,

and Accountancy is full of accountants with mothers and fathers who were accountants.

The tragedy of these vocational choices lie in the distinction

between a performer and an actor.

An actor performs on a stage - everyone knows it's not real and it's just a show,

and when the show is over, the actor returns to their life

and they have close and warm relationships with people

who know them well.  Intimacy (Into-me-see)

Whereas, a  performer's life is a performance and a show,

it might look good, but it's all outward show,

and there's usually no into to see into.

That's the cost of living a life to please your parents:

Your authenticity.

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