How to mentor your son or daughter..

Firstly, your skills as a mentor are nullified by your current role and relationship of being a mother or father.

No matter how good a mentor you are, you need to renounce one simple aspect of your relationship to your child before you can be an effective mentor to them.

(This insight comes from years of mentoring skilled coaches who weren't able to coach their children.

Time and time again, as soon as they renounced their own aspirations for their beloved children and embraced their child's aspirations, then they were able to be the amazing catalysts they wanted to be to enable their kids to fly and achieve great things.)

You simply have to renounce your aspirations for your child and embrace whatever their aspirations are. 

And, if they don't know what their aspirations are, you have to question them without bias to help them find what their aspirations are.

Simple? Yes.

Difficult? much as you want to make it.

Are you willing to pay this price?

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