A Walk in the Dark Forest.

Part, (if not the main reason)  of any walkThrough the Dark Forest,

is the Journey of Self Discovery.

It's easy in the forest, to get distracted.

To try and ease the pain.

It's easy to think that finding relief from pain and some comfort is the name of the game.

Au Contraire.

In the Dark Forest, your pain and discomfort are your lessons....

and when the student has had enough pain,

their teacher appears and the student is ready to learn.

But if you spend all your time trying to ease your pain and increase your comfort,

The longer you will stay in the Dark Forest,

The longer you will be in pain.

That's called Long Suffering.

Short, sharp suffering is the name of the winning game.

You look it in the eye, feel it for what it is... and then through the mists,

 Your teacher will emerge and your lesson will be learned.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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