You either have a Result....or an excuse.

Financial pressures and physical injuries can really test your patience.

But it’s also how you handle these pressures,that allows you to create and develop new possibilities.

It’s also an opportunity to build your character through relentlessly keeping your word.

A wise man told me once, when my back was to the wall, that you either have a result….or an excuse.

He told me that I was more comfortable with giving excuses and that I probably wouldn’t go the extra yard to get the result I wanted.

….and he was right.

I didn’t like it. In fact I walked out on him…..and was cursing him on my way out!

But he was right.

And I had to find my own way to come to terms with this and then commit to achieving small results just to get the hang of being successful.

You see, you may be just like I was….not used to getting the result I wanted and always having an excuse ready.

That can waste years in jobs you hate and lost opportunities …..because you have an excuse.

When you traffic in excuses, you are a slave of circumstance. In fact, you look to circumstances as a source of excuses – which makes you even more of a slave.

When you deal in keeping your word, no matter what, and you open yourself up to being coached, then you are freed from circumstances – you conquer circumstances - you are no longer at the beck and call of circumstances.

I know you want to be free..

Are you willing to pay the price?

I know you want to be one of those people in charge of their lives, doing what you love doing and making a difference….are you willing to pay the price?

….and what’s the price?

It’s about building up the muscle of your word and keeping it, no matter what.

It’s about being coach-able – letting people tell you what’s great about you…and what’s not - and listening to them about how you can make yourself better and greater and achieve the results you want.

If you want to pay the price, then call me.

I’m here to help you be free and go for what’s important to you….and keep the home fires burning and keep the wolf from the door at the same time!

All of the good stuff – the results you really, really want.

This is really it – what do you want?

Results…or excuses?

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