Wow! Your Being really is in Control!

You have the human.....and then you have your Being.
....and your human just goes through hell sometimes,
and your enlightened friends tell you you are having a learning experience...
....and they are right, strangely enough.
Your Being sits calmly, watching you go through the wringer,
watching you being torn apart, seared and smoked,
......desperate, confused and hurting....
...knowing that you are just learning your lesson,
Proud of having you grow....
Your Being lives detached and separate from your suffering,
...but attached to you, is the human.

if you want to, you can go and visit your Being,
listen to their view of your situation, listen for what you are learning....
But it's getting there, that's the challenge!
Because they live beyond the distractions you live in,
Beyond the noise in your head,
Beyond your attachment to your outcomes....
They sit silently and still in a place where you can go,
but without all the things familiar to you.
Go to your Being, o human.

Refresh yourself with their presence and understanding.

You could do with some of that!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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