The Relaxed, Reclining, Laughing Buddha, where the Less you Do, the More you Achieve.

Doing and Being.

Endless to do lists Vs effortless achievement

- why is the Buddha always sitting or reclining?

The promise of coaching is that you will unleash yourself...all of yourself!

Its not all about making sure you tick off everything on your to do list.

It's not all about working you into a lather of sweat pushing things forward....
It's not about you trying to be someone else.... dreaming someone else's dreams!

It's simply being a Catalyst

Allowing the people around you to expand and live into their futures and their potential.

It's about letting go and letting be.


Welcome to the world of the  Relaxed, Reclining, Laughing Buddha.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. www.addsvalue.blogspot.com.au  Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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