Moving into your future....with courage, grace and dignity.

One of my freinds is amazing! He had set himself the task of finding the most resourceful and rewarding job situation he could find. And this morning I saw that he is going through a process that allows him to achieve what many others miss out on, because they hang on to so called "good" situations.

When I first met him, he had a really good job, that was really financially rewarding and where he was given respect for his abilities and who he was.

But he knew there was something better. And he was activly looking for it. He was answering ads, he had his name and CV on search engines and he was putting it out to placement consultants.

After doing several interviews with really promising and rewarding positions, he eventually found something really amazing. He took it up and got into it. He sold his home, moved town and started to live a great life in a fantastic community.

But he didn't stop looking. In fact, he had this uncanny knack of getting companies to contact him to head hunt him. After a couple of interviews and some pretty solid negotiation, he scored himself a better situation, in a really awesome business, in a city that is unbelievably beautiful!

I wrote to him this morning and tried to describe his process.

This is what I wrote:

"I am so glad you have discovered paradise on Earth; that the family is settling in well with this!....that’s really important!

Certainly in the time I have known you, your career plan has been about a process that looks like this:

Letting go of the Good for the Better.
Letting go of the Better for the Great.
Letting go of the Great for the Greater.
Letting go of the Greater for the Best!

And your family has made each move and benefited from your constant questioning of the status quo.

And…I believe that even the Best needs to be constantly improving to stay the best – so keep up the great work of your constant questioning!"

So what are you hanging onto, that is limiting your march to your greater goals, your better lifestyle, your passionate desires?

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