It's 2013

With new problems, never before seen,

IBM's five year forecast is that computers will master the five senses,

Barak Obama is facing another senate standoff, with America's economy on the brink,

Syria is facing another season of bloodshed & tragedy with no sign of relief....

The world is smaller, the pace is faster, the technology is smarter, the governments more powerful.

Your world will be just like that, with problems needing more than you have ever given.  You will be challenged in 2013 like never before.  You will need to dig deeper and rise higher than you have up until now.

You will have do do more with less, producing results faster than ever, your product lines will have shorter lives and you will have to be okay about it and make more mistakes, faster in order to find your new solutions to your problems.

You'll have to manage more pressure, on fronts you have never expected. You will have to manage your own personal balance as your first priority, you will have to trust your inner being like never before.

You'll have to stay true to your purpose and your values and navigate your path by them or watch yourself sell everything that means anything to you.

You'll have to make choices about your relationships - who you invest in and who you will stand by.  Who you will let go.  Who you will invest your time and money with.

You'll have to choose what you read and what you will learn.  There's just too much information to leave it to chance. Choose your thought leaders carefully.

The challenge for all of us is clear: Make a stand for something or be a Helpless Bystander.

The Helpless Bystander;

embracing the paralysis and numbing acceptance of all the conspiracy theories,

victimised, demoralised and helpless, dazed by the evening news......

overwhelmed by the complexity, the responsibility and the odds of success...

Or, to take a stand;

on whatever is important to us, to fight the good fight,

to make your world a better place,

to take the hits, absorb the pressure,

to lead by example, a life worth living.

What are you up for this year?

Have a fantastic 2013!

Have your Best Year Ever!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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