At What Level should a Coach deal with their Client's Being?

We may never be able to fully unravel the mysteries of the Being since there are no, and maybe never will be, precise instruments available for exploring the deeper levels of the human's Being.

In the absence of these precise instruments, we have to be guided by what is useful and helpful to our clients.

If a particular interpretation and approach helps your client towards a fuller understanding and a more effective reshaping of their lives and their business projects, then isn't this approach and interpretation "True"? (- isn't that what coaching is all about?)

This is not as imprecise approach as it may seem.

Even in rigorously orthodox scientific theories, the acid test is still one of usefulness.

It was Jung, who in psychology and in life generally, equated truth with usefulness.

And since no scientific theory cannot be anything more than a man - made model of reality, to be "believed" until superseded by something more useful still, then the equation of usefulness with truth isn't badly out of step with what happens in other areas of human thinking.

So trust your hunches, follow your intuition, develop your own tools and theories - become your own thought leader....and continue doing outstanding work with all your clients.

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