Workshops and Seminars

 Hey - just wanted to let you know we have been running an amazing workshop in Sydney called: The Relationship Workshop.

It's been held at the amazing "Beyond the Ordinary" Teahouse and Healing Centre in Balmain Sydney and the engagement, results & insights for all the participants have been amazing.

We have put together a range of tools and processes that we've used for the last 15 years helping people create and maintain inspiring and fulfilling relationships and in the workshop situation we have the benefit of the experiences and insights from all of our participants.

Rose and I have been working together to share some of the breakthrough tools we have been using for the last 18 years in our own relationship to build intimacy, trust and a life together that honors what we both really, really want.

Watch this space - there's going to be an opportunity to do this workshop in a webinar format soon.
This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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