Three Lessons for Your Business

 It's no accident that SME business owners go down the track of stress, overwork and overwhelm.

There are three simple lessons to be learnt from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon to help you focus on the important rather than the "Busy-ness"
  1. Throw Away the Rule Book - don't listen to people's well meaning  advice if you have a gut feeling - sometimes being stubborn is exactly the right thing to be.
  2. Hire Quality Employees - the concept of:"hire slowly, fire quickly" feels like a challenge, but these are the people who can either help you grow your business....or destroy your business - your choice.
  3. Think Long Term. Having the long term in mind, helps you recognise opportunities and quickly make decisions that will enable you to fast track your business toward the destination of your choice.
Have a look at this video  for the full story:

So what can you do in the next week, to put these three lessons into place?

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