Sometimes my clients don't want to see or speak to me

One of the great service's any human being can give to another,

is to believe in them, when they stop believing in themselves.

Of course what is going on is that they are on the edge of their comfort zone

...and their critical voice is trying to drag them back into the safety of the known and tried.

This of course, is a pretty emotional and tense time for the person who has lost their self belief.

Many times I have been told to F...... Off! over the phone, on skype and even face to face,

by people clearly stressed, on the edge and at the end of their tether.

It's pretty threatening at times.

But if what you are committed to is under threat and you really don't want to see another human

slink away in shame and defeat, you are fearless for your own safety

and you go in hard, with your belief that your friend will prevail.

Most you will win, because the critical voice is counting that no-one will intervene in this self brawl.

You always catch them unaware when you stand up for your friend.

But the ones you lose, you never will forget, the tragedy of a human pulled

back by their fear, back into the same old, same old.

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