Why Careing is important for you

 Seth Godin wrote an amazing post on caring more this morning.

Since returning to Australia, we have been in situations where we needed to care for others and where we needed others to care for us.

The doing | being | and results of this have been incredible.

The depth of trust, fellowship, communication and automatic, unconditional, reciprocal support has been outstanding.

One of my earlier email signatures stated: "You don't care how much we know until you know how much we care" 

And when I asked 85 year old man how they coped with putting food on the table and shelter over their family's heads during a war and a depression - I was told: ".....we all took care of each other"

Now, friendship, loyalty and trust, has opened up to a new level of experience and importance for me and my business. My practice of acceptance, forgiveness and care has broken me to a new level of personal accountability.  I invite you to test me and see.

And the present times, more than ever, demand it of us.
Christchurch Child's drawing

Watching my friends in Christchurch from afar face their shared reality of constant, uprooting earthquakes showed me how strong the bonds of shared challenges can be.

Acts of heroism, loyalty and help from strangers set a new level and expectation of behavior for everyone who lived there. 

I have benefited from being around that.

Coming to a big city like Sydney, being warned by my country friends and family that it's "full of bastards!", I find that it's full of compassionate, helpful and inspiring people who help me at every turn of the way.

Whether it's me emanating some sort of attractive energy for that....or whether that's how it really is - I don't know.

But I do know that the more I care, the more that I show my care by extending beyond my own comfort and convenience, my life is enhanced, remarkable and extraordinary.

......and the more supported and  blown away am I, by the people around me.

 Thank you to all my extraordinary clients, friends and family.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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