2 Ways to Avoid being Seduced in Business

Realizing you have been seduced in a business situation,

....usually means you have been screwed in a way you wouldn't have thoughtfully chosen if you had have done your due diligence.

That's why it's important to take the time and effort required to avoid you spending your precious time, money and resources to a situation or product that is low on substance, but that has been packaged skillfully, delivered artfully and closed firmly.

A sell job.

There are two due diligence actions for you to perform before committing to anything that will make you regretful the morning after:

1. Do your external checks - the product, the service, their customers, the directors - lift up the curtain and look behind.  Kick the tyres and check them out. Talk to people you respect about it.

2. Check it's Alignment - Run the offer through your SWOT analysis, Check it against your values, your vision, your purpose, your mission - is it a good fit for you? Will it further your agenda?  Does it align with you?  Do you want to be associated with this Product/Service/Organisation/Directors?
In New Zealand today, they have discovered the first known "Date Rape" lab that produces a product called "Coma in a Bottle"

Being seduced in business is just like ingesting that "Coma in a Bottle" - don't do it - take charge -  you are better and smarter than that!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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