History of the Therapist turned Trainer turned Coach


It was a major period of my life.

I discovered it when I was 8, after listening to my ex POW dad enough to notice he wasn’t telling the same old story over and over again anymore.  I had discovered narrative discourse therapy and decided to keep listening so I could heal him.

I discovered Gestalt when I was 15 and used processes from books with my family and friends.

I underwent Primal Therapy when I was 18 and started training to be a primal therapist when I was 22.

One of the teacher therapists who I admired greatly, returned from a trip to the States, promoting a workshop that all of us at the primal therapy centre enrolled in.

We all discovered together in this workshop, that we could spend the rest of our lives in therapy, or, we could choose how we wanted to live.  We all discovered the power to choose powerfully.

The result?

The whole centre fell apart.  We all chose to live exciting, fulfilling and rewarding lives.  We moved on from working through our issues and simply chose the lives we wanted to live and took our attention off our issues.

My life became full of joy and possibility.  My life was challenging and things still stopped me or slowed me down, but I no longer had my attention on my issues, agonising when I would ever be able to transcend them.

I stopped trying to be a therapist.

I started and sold three businesses.  I left a toxic relationship.  I faced my dad and brother’s cancers and deaths.  I learned to meditate.  I travelled and taught overseas.  I became a trainer.  I took a punt on a relationship and committed to a marriage.

My life was about creating a future instead of looking back to my past.

When I worked as a therapist, I was helping people work through their issues. When I worked as a trainer, I was working to transform people’s lives so that they had more possibilities and quality to their life.

Then I started to train as a coach.

Coaching was all about creating clarity and focus in people’s lives.

All through my career as a trainer and a coach, I’ve used my therapy tools and have never been afraid of helping people through emotional states.  But if someone needs therapy – I refer them straight away to the people who are committed and talented in this methodology.

I value my joy and vitality in my life and know what results I want to help others create. 

My work is about helping create futures of joy, empowerment, fulfilment and choice.  I help people clarify what’s important and focus on doing the important, significant things.

A therapist looks back and beyond and within.

A coach looks  forward, within and about doing the things that will get you to where you want to go.

I’m a coach and a trainer, not a therapist.  

Thank God!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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