A Business Conundrum

There’s a conundrum about finding yourself on a train that’s heading toward a bridge over a precipice. 
Somehow you know that the bridge is broken and the train will be lost if it goes over the bridge.

The question is: How do you stop the train from crashing over the precipice?

The only answer ultimately is to race ahead and lay tracks in front of the train, to take the train somewhere else.

That appears impossible, but all business owners do that when they see clearly what’s needed. -  You just simply gotta do the things that havfta be done!  Business owners like this are working at a tremendous rate, but are not stressed about it, because they are working toward a pleasurable end result.  They are working with what they know they can control.
They get out and lay the new tracks while at the same time, keeping their business ticking over. 

This is probably what you are trying to do.  But you may be being held up from track-laying  to a bright new future, by you being dragged back into the train that’s heading toward a broken bridge.

The stakes are high with both the track laying, the business heading toward a precipice and the current demands of keeping the business ticking over without you manning the pumps.


The biggest mistake is for you to accept the status quo and just drift along with the current situation, but that is exactly what can happen to us business owners – we get overwhelmed by our businesses and just operate them, putting out the fires and not building the new tracks. 

We sometimes get so caught up in putting out fires, we forget that there’s a precipice up ahead.

We're here to support you in freeing up your thinking and your time to lay tracks that will take you to freedom and prosperity.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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