Dealing with Change

 In a world that's rapidly changing and hard to predict, what you learned at school is usually obsolete by the time you hit the workforce.  Whether you are searching for your blue ocean or simply trying to survive in chaotic times of change, you need to develop the following 8 habits:

1. Asking questions. We need to become lifetime learners - to be able to teach ourselves anything that needs figuring out.  .When you encounter something new, you need to start asking questions, and explore the possible answers with yourself and others.Embrace the learning curve - a new piece of technology, a new way of thinking - learn, learn and learn.

2. Solving problems. If you can solve problems, you can do any job. Everything is a problem to be solved in the world of change - make yourself indispensable by learning to be the best problem solver you can be.

3. Tackling projects. Start to see work as a series of projects.  Most of my work is a project, whether it is working with clients or creating products.  When you deal with projects, you build the sense of responsibility and care that people who look for a "job" miss completely.  And by missing that, they miss the secret to dealing with change.

4. Finding passion. What drives you?  What inspires you? In all of the massive change that's happening right now, what area fascinates you, what area can you take on as your own, what area resonates with your values?  Keep you eye open for this, because what lights you up changes as you do.

5. Independence. You can manage yourself, you can direct yourself, you are a free creative being, working with whatever is thrown your ways.  Cultivate this - it's a real lifesaver in times of change.

6. Being happy in your own time. It's a great thing to cultivate your own interests - to be doing the things you love being alone or with groups of people. 

7. Compassion. One of the most essential skills ever. We need this to work well with others, to care for people other than ourselves, to be happy by making others happy.

8. Tolerance. Often we grow up in areas where people are mostly the same, in appearance, culture and the ways they think.  When we come into contact with people who are different, it can be really uncomfortable.  Practice exposing yourself to people from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth and who traffic in all the philosophies and religions there are.  Celebrate our differences and maintain a healthy curiosity and you will discover what makes life so beautiful.

 Dealing with change requires all of the above - what can you take on today to improve or bring into your life?

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