Can I Trust You?

I spent the morning supporting a friend in court.

The judge was up the front and making calls on the people who'd come before him.

He'd look at them, ask them questions and check on the paper records.

He was looking for the adult within, someone he could connect with, who was not putting up excuses or spinning stories.

The people who came were all amazing.  Some were beyond changing their ways, they weren't in control of their own lives.

Young arrogant, self richous kids with attitude - older versions of spoilt kids

Some were adults, who, through circumstances, found themselves crossing the law.

The judge viewed them all, interacted with them all, gave them all a fair hearing, called a spade a spade, contradicted lies, challenged stories, always peering over, searching for a trace of responsibility in the human before him.

I mean, that's all that you can work with.  Just a bit of responsibility.

The alternative is self- centered arrogance, anger, victim-hood, conning and deceit....and you can't work with that!

And there was no shortage of that in the courtroom.  Most of the people there had no idea what was going on besides their own predicament..

That is the stuff that destroys focused action, achievement, vision or any sense of will power.

I would not like to be that judge, doing that all day, hanging out with those sort of people.  He was amazing..

Strangely though, that is exactly what I'm looking for with my clients - I'm searching for character, vision, values and inspiration. 

I'm looking for humility, desire for success, willingness to listen to feedback and commitment to change.

I'm looking for character, responsibility, self awareness, creativity and integrity.

It's probably what we all need to be looking for with the people we do business with.

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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