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What we do here at AddsValue Training & Coaching for people going through redundancy or job loss is:

"Helping people move through the process of change as quickly as possible. 

These people have clarity of who they are, what they have to offer and where they want to move to.  

They generate job leads through their marketing efforts.  

These people also are confident and competent in presenting what they have to offer companies in a compelling and persuasive manner.  They convert job leads into job offers."

 AddsValue have two services in our CareerPlan product:
  1. A career plan that includes reviewing:the client's work values and skills and setting a target position and vocational goals
  2. The strategies of jobsearch - producing a CV that is a marketing document, writing compelling cover letters, managing effective electronic job search, utilizing networking skills and learning & practicing edgey job interview skills
Our objective in creating a career plan is for our participants to find clarity in the match between their work values, their vocational skills and their desired income.
We do this in either a group or individual setting.

We use three tools to achieve this:
After working through the three tools, the participant is coached to create a Decision Making Tool.  This is an individualised checklist that enables the participant to measure the 'fit' of the position leads they discover.

Vocational goals are set and the participant is ready to hit the job market with a clearly articulated objective.

Our objective in training and practicing job search techniques is for our participants to quickly generate job leads in their desired area and to convert those job leads into job offers.

We do this in either a group or individual setting.

The techniques learned are:
  • Hands on CV development
  • How to market and position your CV
  • How to write compelling Cover Letters
  • How to manage marketin yourself electronically
  • How to create opportunities through your network.
  • How to take charge in your job interview
In our CareerPlan, the enabling outcomes we create are:
  • People with clear and inspiring career plans
  • People actively marketing themselves 
  • Confident and skilled Job Interviewees
The outcomes we create are:
  • Employed people with a learning plan and a career plan.
  • Well adapted people having successfully managed a major work change
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