What You Should Know About The Institutional-isers!

The Hospital institution.

The Education Institution.

The Religious Institution.

The Institution of Government.

The Institution of Politics.

....of social work, of any special interest group, of family, of marriage, of profession, of anything:

All have the same agenda:


And to do this, they will brainwash you, put pressure on you, blackmail you and do whatever it takes to keep you in line.

But what happens in a world where constant never-ending change demands ideas and solutions that exist outside of the box - not compliance to rules that no longer work?

What happens when you challenge the status quo?

What is more important to you? What works....or supporting the status quo?

"Subvert the Dominant Paradigm!"
- an old slogan, but more appropriate than ever right now!

This is only the beginning. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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Dandelion said...

Are you really sure about comparing family as an institution and religion/hospital/etc institutions??