Champagne Style on Your Income - Yes it's Possible! - We Show You How!

You have two visions of fulfilment: the ego's vision and the soul's vision.

The ego's vision is:
"I need to get everything I need to be comfortable, I am serene because bad things can't come near me. Through hard work, anything can be achieved. I measure myself through my achievements. I win much more than I lose. I have a strong self image. Because I'm attractive, I win the attention of the opposite sex. When I find the perfect love, it will be on my terms."

The Soul's vision is:
"I am everything I need. I am secure because I have nothing to fear in myself. The flow of life's abundance brings me everything. I do measure myself by any external standard. Giving is more important than winning. I have no self image; I am beyond images. Other people are attracted to me as soul to soul. I can find perfect love because I have discovered it first in my self."

The institutional-isers and marketers always feed your ego's needs, fears and desires.

They make you think that the Champagne Style costs you money - that's how you sell your soul for a life of misery.

Thanks to Seth Godin and Deepak Chopra for inspiring this post!

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karl said...

Kia Ora Mike...Nice Post, gave me a great distinction between ego and spirit......Thank you

Kuz (The Crayon Coach)

Anonymous said...

nice post! makes a lot of sense!Ü