Random Acts of Coaching

Okay, so you aren't supposed to know this about me, but.....

I love this stuff so much, I often do random acts of coaching, sometimes even to complete strangers.

I walked into our favorite bakery today after I noticed a new cafe bakery opening up right across the road. The owner was still reeling from the effects of another bakery/coffee bar that had opened up just a few shops away from him.

I had to buy a cake from him, just to show my support. A nice sponge cake that he carefully filled with cream and put it into a white cardboard box.

I asked him how he felt.

I asked him how many options he had.

When he told me one, I suggested that he start looking for more options - "You just can't have one - that's not an option!"

Then I told him about how the Chinese word for change has two picturgraphs: one means "Crisis" and the other one means "Opportunity"

"When a Chinaman is in a crisis - he's always looking around for the opportunity."

I was drawing the two words on the cake box.

"What Opportunities can you see in this situation? - let me know what you come up with!"

I left him there thinking.

Hopefully thinking outside of the vicious circles panic can hold us prisoner to.

I do this stuff because it makes a difference and I love to do it.

What's your random act of passion?

- that's it from me, Mike Kennedy,Want a taste of Clarity? Email Mike...

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