Short Suffering…or Long Suffering?

What's it to be?

The short sharp suffering of taking the difficult path, the ruthless keeping of your word, the taking on unreasonable goals, trusting that you have what it takes to get through dangerous and uncomfortable situations, the discipline backing of yourself and the others who ride with you and the risking of walking your pathway alone from the crowd.


The long suffering of taking the easy way out, of knowing that your word is worthless, knowing that your excuses choose the goals you don't take on, knowing you don't trust yourself to get through any situation, knowing that you have no backbone and that you will betray your friends when the going gets tough and the knowing that you will never do anything that the crowd doesn't approve of.


Your choice will script your life from now on.

Warm regards,

Mike Kennedy,
Helping you find your clarity, in the hot pursuit of your meaningful and inspiring goals!
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