Loss of Innocence is a Good Thing!

Nothing will get you screwed faster than Blind Faith.

...and I don't know where we got that insane belief system of blind faith from.

Your mum told you not to speak with strangers, to not walk on the cracks and all manner of things designed to protect you.

But the truth is, when you give your trust, you often give it unconditionally and put yourself into a vulnerable position.

When the student challenges or questions the teacher, that's a loss of innocence.

When an Idol or Role Model falls from grace - this is the loss of innocence for many, but for the majority, it's about picking up the pieces from the floor and patching it all up again. Mass propping up of Innocence.

Innocence costs you.

Innocence is not about Reality - it's about a dogma or a theory or a dream you are trying to make come true - at your own cost.

Choosing innocence is about choosing blind spots. Blind spots where scoundrels, thieves and rip off merchants enter into your life, your business and your projects and do whatever they please.....with your innocence protecting them.

The media is doing to you - the government is doing to you - your religion is doing it to you - the food sellers are doing this to you - the medical industry is doing this to you and the war machine is doing this to you.

The unexamined trust blinds you to reality.

It tattoos "WELCOME!" on your forehead and people wipe their feet on your brow.

Loss of innocence is a painful shock to bear, but the price of Blind Faith is simply too much to pay!

What in your life are you currently running from a place of innocence - of Blind Faith?

Who, in your life, are you giving unexamined Trust?

What questions could you be asking to give you a clearer picture of reality?

What due dilligence could you be conducting?

What structures can you put around your relationships with organisations and people to protect you and get the best possible outcomes?

What innocence can you shed today?

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