The Gate is Open!

I once lived in a beautiful foothill community called Kurrajong, west of Sydney.

I used to go on a really pleasant walk every day.

Well, it was pleasant until I started to approach this one house where one particular dog lived.

He was the sort of dog who aggressively came out barking, cursing me, shaking the fence and yelling threats at me!

He was virtually saying: "Just wait till I get you! I'm going to tear you limb from limb! You are dead meat!"

Every day I walked the gauntlet - often wondering just what what was up for this dog!

One day, as I was nearing the dreaded house, my tummy dropped as I saw the driveway gate on the far side of the fence was open. This could mean trouble. Big trouble!

Just like every other day, the angry dog flew out of nowhere barking for my blood - cursing my ancestors and insulting my shoes - he was a scary dog!

But a funny thing happened when he got to the open gate.

He pretended that it was shut!

He still barked and threatened and carried on.

But the gate was open!

How much is this like you and I in our lives?

The gate is open, but we pretend that it is shut!

For our own reasons, we don't want it to be open, even if it is!

Fear and self doubt are the instigators - but these are always paper tigers if you just walk through!

Think about it - what are the things you really want to do....that you just don't do?

The gate is open!

With a smile on your face and a song in your heart....walk on through!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow Kipp. You really have a way with words. I'm actuallly trying to figure out what the next step is in my life as I prepare for my last year of college. This really gave me a new way to look at some of my options. Are some of my options open opportunities from God, that I am tricking myself into thinking are closed fences/doors or are they really not in the hand of cards that I have been delt. :) Thanks Kipp :p