Coming back FRESH!

Hi and welcome to Clarity's first blog of 2010!

Has your holiday been like mine?

I consciously chose to not think about work - just to be a bloke in shorts!

I relaxed a lot, and sometimes found myself feeling bad about that every now and then - "there must be something useful I can do!!" my mind nagged me with!

My conversations were mainly about mundane things "Pass me the trifle please!" and my profile was about as unseen as possible. I did however have some meaningful and fulfilling connections and conversations with close freinds and family - food for my soul!

The result?

I've come back to work today as a new man - I have left my load behind, I'm fresh, I know I'm full of unlimited possibility and I'm keen to get to work!

I'm starting out afresh, I'm looking at things with new eyes and there are things I want to get stuck into.

Not only that, I've looked at colleagues and competetor's web offerings and I'm inspired and challenged to do more and better than ever!

Having said that, if you want to catch up, this is a good time to give me a call - love to hear about your life from your fresh perspective - it would be great to hear about your new ideas, resolutions and passions!

Talking about great ideas, I read Juila Bickerstaff's, The Business Bakery's blog and am paraphrasing her list of the criteria that show you that you have a good idea:
  1. You can't stop thinking about it - you drop everything when you think about it - you research and read everything you can about the subject!
  2. You know you could be totally committed to this for a long time!
  3. You recognise how this relates to your life - you have walked the path/paid the price and you have special insight into this idea - you have a story to tell!
  4. You know in your bones that there is a need for this and you get concerned for people who don't have this idea to help them through!
  5. Your research tells you that no-one else uses this approach!
  6. You can describe your idea easily to your family and friends!
  7. It's simple!
  8. It's something that you want to use (and you do use!)
  9. It solves a problem you feel passionately about!
  10. You feel proud of it!
Confirming you have a great idea is a great start to turning the idea into a fulfilling and profitable project - don't worry right now about whether there are enough customers, how you are going to set it up or what structure(s) you need- you will deal with that when you create your strategies. What you need to know is whether you have the emotional horsepower to pull this puppy over the line!

Just having the idea is a great start - especially with your freshness of mind!

Dwayne gave me this great quote from his holiday reading of a David Baldacci novel "The Whole Truth…":

“He was brilliant enough to know that he didn’t actually know everything. He was a man who could adapt a plan on the fly, apply the new intelligence to maximum effect, and realized that a plan in stone was always doomed to failure.” this not you?

Enjoy your freshness! Let's put some of your great ideas down on paper!

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