Hi there again!

Being back in the saddle has done nothing for my writing block!

I've just taken a break as a blogger!

But that doesn't mean the insights and realisations haven't been flowing - I've been taking my clients through a reflection process over the whole year - you know, challenges, achievements, dissapointments and learnings - then we wrap it all up, put it to one side and do a planning process for the next year.

The mind blowing result accross the board is all of my clients have faced the challenges of 2009 by growing and developing their family life and their life of contribution and meaning.

It's amazing how much stronger we have all become from this year. Amazing how closer we are to the people we love and care about. Amazing how this year has highlighted the meaningful things while the media has been baying about finances and business failures. I don't think they have even noticed the upgrading of our morals and values.

I saw this amazing clip - it'll take about six minutes - thanks to Robert Kiyosaki for this - it turns out to be an expression of one of the laws of money - "giving creates a flow!" Enjoy!

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