Ricochet Transformation

Last night I got a call from a friend telling me about how he'd made a difference to someone one year into their grief at losing their partner.

I went into anticipation, because my friend also had had more than his share of grief and I knew that if he was going to make a difference with his friend, it would be coming from the place of someone who had been through a similar experience - in other words, someone who knows what it's like!

He told his friend to take care of himself - not to go to funerals because he felt obligated, but to take care of his own emotional state - "Who else is going to take care of you?" he said - "just take care of yourself!"

As soon as he said that I had this amazing experience of going back in time to just after my brother had died. One of my good female friends had gotten the same cancer my brother had had. I kept forcing myself to go and see her, but I really found it hard. I always felt guilty, I always made myself wrong for not spending more time with her. I have carried that guilt with me for 23 years.......and what my friend said, reverberated within me and just released my burden - just dissolved it!

It was amazing!

....and it happened in a matter of seconds!

I feel liberated!

So, when you are listening to people's transformations, sit forward and let yourself to be open for a ricochet bolt of transformation to pierce you to the core of your being!

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