Tough Times in The States...

I heard about a Kiwi man who flew to San Francisco, who noticed a man shuffling papers in a cardboard box by a car outside of the hotel. He thought he was getting ready for a meeting.

He went out for a wine and when he came back, nothing had changed. The same man shuffling the same papers in the same box. Odd.

He left later that night and the man was still there.

"My God" - he thought - "This guy is living in his car!"

Now that his eyes were open, he saw it everywhere in his travels through the USA.

There are now 14 million unemployed people in the USA.

How does that compare with New Zealand? We are doing great at this time - let's make sure we grow our businesses and our lives so we don't have to see people in our communities, living in their cars.

There but for the grace of God go us!

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