Achievement without Fulfilment is Failure!

says Tony Robbins - sounds harsh, but how many people do you see who are outwardly successful, but are lacking fulfilment - who are prisoners of their businesses, their jobs, their sport, their marriage, their friendships, their homes, their lifestyles......

These are people who are without vision - who either don't have one or who have one, but are disconnected from it.

They are going through the motions, showing up every day, getting the job done...but with no passion, no excitement and no real focus.

They need an inspiring and compelling vision - they need to be reading it at least every morning and every night! They need to be proactively pumping up their positive emotions when they read it!

It's discipline, discipline and more discipline!

But it compounds on itself, keeps you focused and provides you with a future to live into. You recognise patterns, you see clearly what you need to do to achieve your success and you make sure you enjoy your fulfilment.

Vision - the missing ingredient that helps you find fulfilment in what you are doing!

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